A Kuwaiti doctor said Saturday he helped bury more than 50 Kuwaiti babies who died after the Iraqis halted their hospital care and, in some cases, pulled the plugs on their incubators.

Dr. Ali Al-Huwail, 36, a neurologist and chief of the outpatient department at the Kuwaiti Armed Forces Hospital who fled his homeland last week, said Iraq-organized trips to occupied Kuwait for Western media in an attempt to rebut charges of looting and abuse were a sham. He said the Iraqis forced him to speak with reporters, telling him it was not in his "best interests" to remain silent. He said he had spoken in vague terms.At a news conference organized by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information in exile, Al-Huwail and three Egyptian doctors who had lived in Kuwait said the Iraqis have destroyed health care, robbed homes and hospitals, and beaten and tortured innocent civilians.

Al-Huwail said 60 to 70 children died at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital in Kuwait City after the Iraqis dismantled the premature infant unit.

With a colleague who has also left Kuwait, Al-Huwail said he buried more than 50 of the children in the middle of the night at a cemetery. He said this took place about Aug. 20, less than three weeks after Iraqi troops invaded.

Samir Motawy, chairman of medical oncology at the Kuwait Cancer Center, said chemotherapy drugs, blood components and whole blood were almost non-existent in mid-October. Patients are dying, he said.