Sylvester Stallone says he has gotten about all he can out of his character Rocky Balboa in the "Rocky" series of flicks and the fifth one will be the last.

Stallone, in an interview with Leeza Gibbons scheduled for airing Monday on "Entertainment Tonight," says he'll miss Rocky."I remember the first time . . . I thought `Rocky III' was going to be the end. I was leaving (Philadelphia) and I started to cry and got all broken up because it was like the death of a friend. Everything in my life that I had was owed to this character."

Stallone says he'll be "extremely depressed" when "Rocky V" - the last - hits the theaters. "It's like the passing of a favorite soldier," he said. "You go back and visit his grave once in awhile, pay homage and say, `Yeah, he did his best to defend your honor.' "