Four Burmese hijackers surrendered at Calcutta airport early Sunday after commandeering a Thai airliner to press demands for an end to military rule in their country, Indian officials said.

They said the hijackers gave up after freeing all 204 passengers and 17 crew on the Airbus flight seized Saturday enroute from Bangkok to Rangoon.The hijackers, all youths, had requested political asylum, the officials said.

Although there was no violence on board, passengers said one of the hijackers wielded an automatic weapon and patrolled the aisles of the aircraft.

India's chief government spokesman said in New Delhi that the hijack drama ended shortly after midnight.

Armed police and a special hijack squad had taken up positions at the airport.

"When we contacted the ambassadors of Burma and Thailand, they said they had no instructions from their governments, which left us entirely on our own to deal with the problem," the spokesman told Reuters.