IOC is an odd conglomeration Sports Illustrated has called the International Olympic Committee an "unmade bed of a body consisting of 88 members (now 94) and their egos, ids, emotional tics, quirks, personal politics and eccentricities." This odd coupling of royalty, politicos, lawyers, diplomats, former military officers and sports heroes makes for sometimes illogical decisions and attitudes that makes the group aloof and often untouchable. Some of the members: Princess Anne, member of the British royal family, has been on the IOC since 1988 and active in equestrian events. Juan Antonio Samaranch, IOC president since 1980, was the former Spanish ambassador to Moscow and industrialist. Robert Helmick, president of the United States Olympic Committee, is a former Des Moines lawyer and has been an IOC member since 1985. Prince Albert of Monaco, at 32, is the youngest member of the IOC and is the only IOC member still active in sports. His sport - bobsledding.