An analysis of Tuesday's election results shows Republican Karl Snow took a beating in almost every voting district in Utah County, as well as losing 11 of the 13 counties in the 3rd Congressional District.

In winning Utah County, Democratic candidate Bill Orton topped Republican Karl Snow in 123 of the 144 voting disticts or 85 percent.Snow carried only Daggett and Uintah counties. The other 11 counties went to Orton.

Voter turnout was considered heavy for an off year in Utah County, according to the Utah County Elections Office. Final but unofficial counts in Utah County record 57,214 people voted from a registered-voter pool of 105,854 - a 54 percent turnout.

With 58 percent of the total vote, Orton didn't win by the same margins enjoyed by retiring Republican Howard C. Nielson, who represented the 3rd District for four terms. Nielson won 77 percent of the vote during his first election in 1982. In 1986, he won with 67 percent of the vote.

Orton's largest win came in traditionally Democratic Carbon County, where he won 80 percent of the vote, to Snow's 18 percent. The two third-party candidates won the remaining 2 percent.

The county showing the most support for Snow was Uintah County, where Snow carried 55 percent of the vote. Daggett County was considerably closer with Snow winning 51 percent and Orton 47 percent.

In Grand and San Juan counties, Orton passed Snow by only two percentage points.

In Utah County, Orton won 55.5 percent of the vote, compared with 37 percent for Snow and 7 percent for third-party candidates.

Four of Orem's 44 voting districts went for Snow as did 13 of Provo's 42 districts. In addition, Snow carried one voting district in American Fork, Alpine and Spanish Fork, and Vineyard.

The districts Snow won in Provo were all north of Center Street and all but two were east of University Avenue.



Percent of votes

County Orton Snow

Carbon 80 18

Daggett 47 51

Duchesne 66 32

Emery 64 33

Grand 49 47

Salt Lake 61 34

San Juan 49 47

Sanpete 55 40

Sevier 53 44

Summit 62 34

Uintah 42 55

Utah 55.5 37

Wasatch 60.5 37

Note: Totals don't equal 100 percent because of third-party candidates