Even Ty Detmer is starting to wonder what he has to do to get some respect.

Detmer was asked recently if he felt he should win the Heisman even though Virginia quarterback Shawn Moore is leading the nation in pass efficiency. "I led the nation in that (pass efficiency) last year, and nobody looked at that," Detmer responded. "Everybody looked at yards last year, and (Houston's Andre) Ware won the Heisman. And now everybody's talking about pass efficiency, with Moore in the lead. It's a little discouraging."Sometimes it seems Heisman voters are looking for reasons to vote for someone other than Detmer. The problem, though, is not Detmer but BYU. Despite 16 straight winning seasons, 12 straight bowl appearances and a national title, the media - especially the Eastern types - continue to have doubts about the BYU program.

As one BYU official said after a recent poll showed Moore leading the Heisman voting: "What this really shows is that our program still lacks credibility."

QB COMPARISON: In case you're wondering, Detmer is second in the nation in pass efficiency and total offense. Here's how his Heisman competitors (quarterbacks, anyway) are doing: Moore is first in pass efficiency, seventh in total offense; Miami's Craig Erickson is fourth in both categories; and Houston's David Klingler is first in total offense, eighth in pass efficiency.

Incidentally, if Detmer continues to average 421.7 passing yards per game, he will pass Ware's NCAA single-season record of 4,699 yards - a stat that went a long way toward earning Ware the Heisman last season, playing for a team that passes even more than BYU.

TOUGH TY: Much has been said about how Detmer, despite his skinny frame, is nevertheless sturdy. It may be just meanness, though. Against Air Force, he was hit in the gut while completing a TD pass but quickly jumped up and trotted to the sidelines, as if he hadn't felt a thing. Afterward, he admitted that it hurt and explained why he didn't let it show. "It knocked the wind out of me," he said. "But I heard their crowd cheer when I hit the ground, so I wasn't about to stay down."

SHORT STUFF: If Detmer throws for 351 yards against Wyoming, he will become the Cougars' all-time passing-yardage leader . . . Detmer has thrown for more than 300 yards in 20 straight games.

Linebacker Alema Fitisemanu continues to lead the Cougars in defensive points, although linebacker Rocky Biegel is the tackles leader with 66 . . . After just two starting assignments (he played in every game), safety Derwin Gray is already fifth on the defensive points rankings. The guy he replaced, Josh Arnold, is sixth.