Rock star John Lennon suffered from anorexia and took LSD as if it was candy, according to excerpts from a new book about the former Beatle published in People Magazine Sunday.

"What he's done for most of his adult life is starve himself to perfection," writes biographer Albert Goldman, who conducted 1,200 interviews to write the 719-page "The Loves of John Lennon."Goldman, a former English professor who has also written biographies about Lenny Bruce and Elvis Presley, traced Lennon's anorexia back to 1965 when someone described him as the "fat Beatle." According to Goldman, that "phrase struck such a blow to Lennon's fragile ego that the wound never healed."

"He still runs a string around his waist every morning on arising, and if he sins by eating something forbidden, he will duck into the bathroom and stick a finger down his throat," Goldman said of Lennon in 1979.

During this period Goldman describes Lennon as remote and silent, having confined himself for three years to his bedrooom.

In 1967, Lennon claimed that acid has given him a new breadth of vision and a philosophic mind. According to the People excerpt "at the peak of his acid addiction Lennon was consuming LSD at a rate that blows a man clear off the charts of the known drug world."

The book also details the life Lennon spent with his second wife, Yoko Ono, and the inside story of the Beatles' recording sessions.

Lennon was slain by Mark David Chapman in front of the Dakota in December 1980.