Of the 75 House seats up for grabs, only 10 are from southern or eastern Utah. But judging from the fact only three had any Election Day opposition, folks in southern Utah must like things pretty much the way they are.

House Majority Whip David Adams, R-Monticello, faced the toughest challenge from Moab outfitter and environmental activist Ken Sleight, who was counting on a heavy turnout of Navajos in San Juan County.Adams, who won by almost a 2-1 margin, is now campaigning for House majority leader.

The only other southern Utah incumbent to face opposition from a major-party candidate was Rep. Jim Yardley, R-Panguitch. He also won by a 2-1 margin against Democrat David D. Wilson.

The new face from southern Utah will be Brad Johnson, a Republican who will replace retiring Rep. Tom Christensen, R-Richfield. Johnson's American Party opponent garnered 19 percent of the vote.

The remaining incumbents were unopposed.


District 55

Duchesne Uintah

and Wasatch counties

24 of 24 voting districts

Beverly Ann Evans (R-inc.) 4,414 100%

District 56

Uintah and Daggett counties

20 of 20 voting districts

Dan Q. Price (R-inc.) 4,484 100%

District 68

Juab Millard Sanpete

and Sevier counties

38 of 38 voting districts

Joseph M. Moody (R-inc.) 5,161 100%

District 69

Sanpete Carbon and Emery counties

28 of 28 voting districts

Ray Nielsen (D-inc.) 4,615 100%

District 70

Carbon Emery and Grand counties

17 of 17 voting districts

Mike Dmitrich (D-inc.) 3,940 100%

District 71

Sevier and Emery counties

28 of 28 voting districts

Brad Johnson WS 3,962 81%

E. Dean Christensen WS 927 19%

District 72

Iron and Beaver counties

24 of 24 voting districts

R. Haze Hunter (R-inc.) 4,900 100%

District 73

Beaver Garfield Kane Piute

Washington and Wayne counties

47 of 47 voting districts

James F. Yardley (R-inc.) 5,112 64%

David D. Wilson WS 2,824 36%

District 74

San Juan and Grand counties

28 of 28 voting districts

David Adams (R-inc.) 4,419 65%

Ken Sleight WS 2,369 35%

District 75

Washington County

31 of 31 voting districts

Robert A. Slack (R-inc.) 6,666 100%