Republicans scored a coup in Tooele Tuesday, defeating longtime Democratic incumbent Rep. Beverly J. White.

Democrats returned the favor in South Ogden, voting incumbent Republican Doug Holmes out of the House.The parties also traded vacant districts. In Roy, Democrat V. DeMont Wiberg beat Larry J. Peterson to win the seat being vacated by Republican House Speaker Nolan Karras. In District 4, Republican Fred R. Hunsaker won the seat abandoned by Rep. Frank Prante, D-Logan, beating Democrat Michael W. Baugh.

Except for those contests, the House races in northern Utah districts went as expected in Tuesday's election, with the incumbents easily winning re-election.

In the Tooele contest, Grantsville attorney Merrill Nelson received 70 percent of the vote to beat White 3,075 votes to 1,340. White, who was appointed to the House in 1971 and was routinely re-elected after that, has served in a number of leadership positions in the Legislature and in the Democratic Party.

The South Ogden race pitted Holmes, who was elected in 1989, against Democrat Byron F. Anderson, a sales manager. Anderson won with 52 percent of the vote.

In a race that was expected to be close, but wasn't, Rep. Grant Protzman, D-North Ogden, defeated two-term Weber County Clerk Richard Greene, a Republican, with a 1,330-vote cushion, according to unofficial returns.

Republican incumbents Lee Allen, Rob Bishop and Stephen Bodily had no opposition in their districts. Rep. Evan L. Olsen, R-Young Ward, was challenged by a Libertarian candidate, Shaun Savage, and won with 79 percent of the vote.

One-term Rep. Martin R. Stephens, R-Farr West, beat Democrat Leon L. Jones in District 6, which covers northwest Weber County. In District 8, Ogden Valley, the Democratic incumbent, Haynes R. Fuller, was returned to the House.

Rep. John Arrington, D-Ogden, who has been in the House since 1979, defeated Robert L. Harris, 2,442 votes to 763. Another Democratic incumbent, Dionne R. Halverson, was re-elected in Ogden's District 10. She won 3,145 votes, while GOP candidate Patrick Butler received 2,153.


District 1

Box Elder and Tooele counties

32 of 32 voting districts

R. Lee Allen (R-inc.) 4,825 100%


District 2

Box Elder County

14 of 14 voting districts

Rob Bishop (R-inc.) 4,498 100%


District 3

Cache County

22 of 22 voting districts

Stephen M. Bodily (R-inc.) 5,129 100%


District 4

Cache and Rich counties

20 of 20 voting districts

Fred R. Hunsaker WS 3,582 64%

Michael W. Baugh WS 2,002 36%

District 5

Cache County

19 of 19 voting districts

Evan L. Olsen (R-inc.) 4,113 79%

Shaun Savage WS1,106 21%

District 6

Weber County

22 of 22 voting districts

Martin R. Stephens (R-inc.) 3,990 61%

Leon L. Jones WS 2,530 39%

District 7

Weber County

17 of 17 voting districts

Grant D. Protzman (D-inc.) 3,902 60%

Richard Greene WS 2,572 40%

District 8

Weber County

22 of 22 voting districts

Haynes R. Fuller (D-inc.) 2,977 48%

Zane B. Froerer WS 2,365 38%

Deyonne Walker WS 817 13%

District 9

Weber County

18 of 18 voting districts

John B. Arrington (D-inc.) 2,442 76%

Robert L. Harris WS 763 24%

District 10

Weber County

21 of 21 voting districts

Dionne Halverson (D-inc.) 3,145 59%

Patrick Butler WS 2,153 41%

District 11

Weber County

23 of 23 voting districts

Byron F. Anderson WS 2,340 52%

Doug Holmes (R-inc.) 2,176 48%

District 12

Weber County

18 of 18 voting districts

V. DeMont Wiberg WS 3,137 53%

Larry J. Peterson WS 2,782 47%

District 21

Tooele County

29 of 29 voting districts

Merrill F. Nelson WS 4,016 67%

Beverly J. White (D-inc.) 2,001 33%

District 54

Summit Morgan Wasatch

and Rich counties

43 of 43 voting districts

Glen E. Brown (R-inc.) 5,310 56%

Jean Stauffer WS 4,116 44%