North Davis County voters joined the surprisingly strong Democratic showing in Utah as they turned two incumbent Republican legislators out of office Tuesday.

In District 14 three-term veteran Republican Scott W. Holt fell by a 390-vote margin to Democrat Gale E. Voigt, while in nearby District 15, Republican Don E. Bush failed in his first bid for re-election losing by 187 votes to Democrat Vernon R. Borgeson, according to complete but unofficial results."It's hard to tell why the voters went that way," said Bush. "The heavy vote for (Democrat Kenley) Brunsdale might have had something to do with it.

"I think the people have been mad about some of the things that have been happening in Washington, and they took it out on some of us," Bush added.

In the only other Davis House race pitting a Democrat against a Republican, the Republicans kept the District 16 seat vacated by retiring Franklin Knowlton as Kevin S. Garn beat back a challenge by Democrat Ron Holt, 3,215 to 2,990. Libertarian Patricia Hunt garnered 404 votes.

All other Davis contests went to incumbent Republicans who were either unopposed or faced minor-party candidates who presented little opposition. Those winners are Walt Bain, Stanley M. Smedley, Kim R. Burningham and Nancy S. Lyon.

In a race affecting northeast Davis and southwest Weber counties, incumbent Democrat Joseph Hull easily outdistanced Republican John Beus in District 13.


District 13

Davis and Weber counties

21 of 21 voting districts

Joseph (Joe) Hull (D-inc.) 3,607 59%

John Beus WS 2,553 41%

District 14

23 of 23 voting districts

Gale E. Voigt WS 3,030 53%

Scott W. Holt (R-inc.) 2,640 47%

District 15

16 of 16 voting districts

Vernon R. Borgeson WS 1,712 49%

Don E. Bush (R-inc.) 1,525 43%

Reed Newmeyer WS 274 8%

District 16

21 of 21 voting districts

Kevin S. Garn WS 3,215 49%

Ron Holt WS 2,990 45%

Patricia Hunt WS404 6%

District 17

23 of 23 voting districts

Walt Bain (R-inc.) 6,857 100%


District 18

23 of 23 voting districts

Stanley M. Smedley (R-inc.) 4,768 81%

Pat Soper WS1,137 19%

District 19

24 of 24 voting districts

Kim R. Burningham (R-inc.) 4,835 100%


District 20

23 of 23 voting districts

Nancy S. Lyon (R-inc.) 4,111 81%

Herbert N. Henderson WS 970 19%