Bountiful officials want you to feel welcome in their city.

But not if they have to spend $45,000.That's the amount that has been set aside after an idea surfaced a few years ago to place several "Bountiful Welcomes You" signs near city limits on major streets.

"I feel this is way, way extravagant," said Councilwoman Renee Coon. "We're facing a recession right now and I don't think we need to spend this kind of money."

Councilman Robert Gramoll agreed. "I don't think I'm in any mood to spend $45,000.

Another council member agreed and the council voted to spend $14,500 on just one sign that will be placed in a landscaped area near Slim Olsen's service station, 2301 S. Main.

Though Bountiful claims to be the first city in south Davis County to pursue the idea of placing welcome signs, North Salt Lake and Woods Cross have beaten Bountiful in erecting signs of their own.

Bountiful's sign, however, promises to be more impressive. It should be for $14,500, more than three times the cost of Woods Cross' sign west of I-15 at the Woods Cross exit.

An oval bronze plate will sit in a house-shaped frame that is anchored in concrete. Originally priced at $21,000, the sign has been lowered in price after some modifications, such as a concrete rather than stone foundation.

City officials originally wanted to place one $14,500 sign at the Slim Olsen's site, another on 500 South just east of the freeway and a third one on 400 North east of the freeway. Their plans also called for three less-expensive signs to be placed on other highways entering the city.

Mayor Bob Linnell said he wouldn't mind putting up less expensive signs in the three major locations, but Councilman Harold Shafter disagreed.

"I will never vote for signs like North Salt Lake and Woods Cross. Bountiful is better than that." Shafter said that if the city decides to erect cheaper signs, it might as well just be satisfied with the two "green signs" on I-15 that indicate where Bountiful is.