Daggett County Attorney Wayne Searle has resigned after being rejected by voters for another term and being sentenced to jail for drunken driving.

Searle was defeated for re-election by a 337-to-85 vote Tuesday.He was also sentenced Wednesday to four days in jail after pleading guilty to driving while under the influence of alcohol in Ogden's 2nd Circuit Court.

"I wasn't overly expectant of anything. If that's what they (the voters) want to do, then they got what they want," Searle, 45, said of the election results.

A removal petition signed by 185 county residents was submitted in September to the Utah attorney general's office and a complaint was lodged against Searle with the Utah State Bar last spring.

"I think I'm going to prevail on everything," Searle had said in an interview in late September. "But I'm getting tired of it because of all these problems. It's getting old. Hopefully, in November there will be new blood up there."

But instead of a transfusion, voters removed Searle, whose plan for victory was derailed by the Supreme Court last month when it ruled he could not run as a write-in candidate.