Joi Ivie, Orem

Voted for Bill Orton

"I felt he was much more honest and intelligent on his views. He didn't seem to backlash and (use) such dirty politics against his opponent. He had more integrity about what he wanted to do." Still, Ivie, who decided early in the campaign to vote for Orton, was surprised he actually won. "This is such a dominant Republican area, where people tend not to have open minds and tend to vote straight Republican."

Neil Sorensen, Spanish Fork

Voted for Bill Orton

"It was because when things came out that Snow had been involved with - his alleged underhanded dealings - he denied it. He went on denying it and then came back and said (he was involved.) Basically I lost trust in him. If he had admitted it and said it was a mistake from the start I probably would have voted for him." Sorensen's message for Orton: "Balance the budget."

Louisa Slater, Provo

Voted for Karl Snow

"I usually vote Republican unless there is a real strong reason I don't like the candidate. I guess I'm a real true Republican. I did not like the ad (comparing Snow's family to Orton's) . . . that turned me off, but I still voted Republican."

Jud Harward, Springville

Voted for Bill Orton

"Snow had such a bad image. He had all this stuff dredged up in his past and business dealings. I didn't know Orton from diddley nothing. For me, it was a matter of voting against a guy rather than for a guy." Harward said he'd decided how to vote early on in the campaign and was not influenced by the last-minute flurry of advertisements.

Peter Jeppsen, Spanish Fork

Voted for Robert Smith (American Party)

"I voted against those two (Snow and Orton) by voting for the American Party candidate. I didn't know him (Smith) from Adam. Every one of their campaigns (Snow's and Orton's) were so negative, that was my only recourse. I wish I could have written in my own name."

Mike Adams, Provo

Voted for Bill Orton

"I was outraged by that ad they put in the (Utah County) Journal. I'm divorced, so I took that to mean just because you're not with a big family and a wife you don't have values. I held resentment for Snow back for things he did in the primary." The ad was the deciding factor in how he voted, Adams said.