Don Dokken, formerly with the popular heavy metal band called simply Dokken, will be in concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, in the Fairpark Coliseum, 155 N. 1000 West.

Dokken will be performing with his new band, using his full name this time - Don Dokken - visiting Salt Lake City this weekend as part of his first national headline club tour. The opening act will be Trickster.With his previous band, Dokken earned five gold and platinum albums before disbanding in 1988. Dokken debuted his new multinational group with the album "Up From the Ashes," released in August.

Dokken, who helped produce the successful hard-rock albums "Breaking The Chains," "Tooth and Nail" and "Under Lock and Key," formed his new band after much-publicized, ongoing tension between him and guitarist George Lynch.

Now, two years later, Don Dokken has emerged with a new band and a new sound. Band members include guitarist Billy White and drummer Mikkey Dee, both newcomers to the professional world of hard rock, and John Norum and Peter Baltes.