Rescuers planned to use a helicopter Thursday morning to pluck a horse stranded on a ledge in the foothills above Fruit Heights, Davis County Animal Control Director DeeAnn Hess said.

The horse is on a ledge in Baer Canyon. The canyon is too steep to walk the animal either up or down so a helicopter is being chartered to pick up the horse, named Radar. A sling will be looped under his belly and he will be airlifted to the county animal control shelter parking lot nearby, Hess said.The horse has been missing for two weeks, since he slipped off a path while hauling camping gear down the mountainside, Hess said.

When Radar slipped down the mountainside he panicked and bolted, Hess said, and wasn't found until Sunday, perched on the ledge. Food, water and veterinary supplies have been packed in to him.

Hess said her department does not have the funding to charter a helicopter so it appealed to the Humane Society of the United States, which sent a field representative and agreed to fund the rescue effort.

"It was sad. The owner came to us and asked if there was anything we could do. The alternative would be to shoot him because there's no other way to get him off the mountainside," said Hess.