Centennial High School students calling themselves the "No Mo Society" have circulated a flier attacking the teachings of the Mormon religion.

Some students say the society and its "No Mo" (No Mormonism) slogan, turning up on school notebooks and on cars, started as a joke but is growing more serious in the Meridian, Idaho school.Marilyn Shuler, director of the Idaho Human Rights Commission said, "It saddens me. I don't think it's something that should be dismissed."

"We're sorry it ever came up," Principal Jim Carberry said. "It's not something we're very proud of."

Publicly, church officials said the society does not bother them. Privately, however, some feared publicity would further anti-Mormon sentiment.

"It doesn't make you feel real great," Mormon student Amy Smith, a junior, said of the flier. "It's kind of being prejudiced. . . . I don't agree with it, but I guess it's their choice."