The man accused of killing Rabbi Meir Kahane, the controversial anti-Arab activist, had thrown a tantrum hours earlier after learning of an unwanted job transfer, according to a report.

El Sayyid A. Nosair was arraigned on murder charges from his bed at Bellevue Hospital's intensive care unit Wednesday but entered no plea.Nosair has been hospitalized since he was wounded by a U.S. Postal Service police officer minutes after Kahane was shot to death Monday night. Nosair was listed in serious condition Thursday.

He was conscious but unable to speak during Wednesday's arraignment. He wore an oxygen mask.

New York Newsday reported that Nosair became angry just hours before Kahane's slaying after learning that New York City was transferring him from his job in Manhattan to one in Brooklyn.

Nosair had worked for the city's General Services Department since April 1988 maintaining the Manhattan court complex's air conditioning and heating systems.

Meanwhile in Israel, a Palestinian stabbed to death an Israeli Arab prison guard Thursday, and police detained seven followers of Kahane on suspicion of incitement after they vowed to avenge his death.

One of those detained, Yekutiel Ben Yaakov, said in his eulogy that Kahane's followers would "let our friend the submachine gun, our friend the knife, talk for us."

The Kahane supporters were arrested at the Jewish Idea seminary run by the late extremist rabbi's Kach movement, a spokesman said. Police said the seven were being held on suspicion of incitement.

Thursday's fatal stabbing occurred in Jenin prison in the occupied West Bank, a military source said.

The incident was the latest in a rash of knifing attacks by Palestinians following the Temple Mount killings last month in which 20 Arabs were killed by police during riots.