Challenger Anatoly Karpov played to a draw in Game 12 of the World Chess Championship Wednesday night, the last game in the contest held in the United States.

Karpov and his challenger, Garry Kasparov, move to Lyon, France, with the two tied at six games apiece.In Wednesday's game, Kasparov, playing white, offered the draw with six minutes left on his time clock.

"Karpov stood a little better at the end," said Bill Colias, senior American chess master.

"Karpov had two minutes on his clock left for three moves and it was an agreed draw," he said.

"They could have played on longer," he said. "It was a surprise, because they were in the middle of a time scramble, with both very short of time."

Kasparov has won one game, Karpov one and the remaining 10 games have ended in draws.

Wednesday's game ended after 37 moves, unlike the previous two games when play ended after relatively few moves.

In Monday's draw, Kasparov, playing black, established a completely new move in an attack that led a quick-paced game to a perpetual check.

Most chess masters only try to win when playing with white and aim at getting a draw when given black pieces.

The championship now moves on to Lyon, France, for the second half of the competition.

A win is worth one point and a draw is worth a half point. The first player to win six games outright or score 121/2 points by means of victories and draws wins the championship.