EFI Electronics has developed a new product line of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or Battery Backup Products to complement its line of high-performance surge suppression equipment.

The new products, known as SysGarde 505 and LanGarde 505, are designed to protect computer and microprocessor-based office automation, medical and industrial equipment from premature shut-down and harmful transient voltages or power surges.An EFI spokesman said the power conditioning industry, currently at $1.3 billion, is expected to grow to more than $2.8 billion by 1995. This unprecedented growth is expected to be fueled by demands for power source protection and reliability from all segments of the computer and electronics industry.

Product shipments will begin on a limited basis next month with production gearing up for general shipments to begin through the company's normal distribution channels by January 1991.

Founded in 1979, EFI Electronics Corp. markets power surge suppression equipment in the United States and Canada. Its products are designed to protect computer, telecommunications and microprocessor-based medical and industrial equipment in a wide range of applications.