China's flagship Communist Party newspaper Wednesday called the U.S. midterm elections a "great satire," citing low voter turnout and an apparently misinterpreted poll to paint American-style democracy as a grim capitalist tool.

The signed commentary on the front page of the People's Daily, the party's official mouthpiece, took the opportunity of Tuesday's U.S. vote to renew the Chinese leadership's periodic attempts to portray Western political freedoms in their worst light.The sarcastically worded article cited American voter turnouts of recent years that in presidential elections have been below 50 percent and during midterm elections for Congress and state offices have hovered around 30 percent.

"In the country claiming to be democratic, citizens being unwilling to use their right of democracy is a great satire on American-style democracy," the People's Daily said.

It noted a U.S. media poll from last month that it said indicated more than 70 percent of respondents believed members of Congress were less interested in serving the people than in serving special interest groups.

On the issue of the two-party system, it noted, another U.S. survey showed that "only 33 percent supported the Democratic Party and only 28 percent supported the Republican Party, while 39 percent of voters supported neither."

The commentary's author appeared to have misinterpreted the results as indicating those indicating no party affiliation were expressing distaste, and did not note that many American voters characterize themselves as independent.