Getting pulled over for a traffic violation can mean double trouble if you're not wearing your safety belt.

Traffic officers from the Salt Lake Police Department and the Salt Lake County sheriff's office will begin issuing warning tickets and citations to safety belt violations.The goal is to help educate the public about Utah's safety belt laws.

Officers have been attending workshops educating them about the Utah Child Restraint Law and the Occupant Restraint Law. These workshops are helping the officers clarify when the laws are being violated and who should receive a citation, officials said.

Utah's Child Restraint Law requires that all children under age 2 be placed in a in a safety seat or safety belt. This is a primary law, and a driver can be pulled over and cited if children under age 5 are not restrained.

The Occupant Restraint Law applies to people 5 and older. The driver and front seat passengers of a motor vehicle are required to wear safety belts.

Because this is a secondary law, motorists can be cited only if they are pulled over for another offense. A driver will receive a citation if he is unbelted and an additional citation will be given for any passengers under 18 not using their safety belts. If an unbelted passenger is 18 or older, the passenger will receive the citation, officials said.

This month traffic officers will be launching a wave of enforcement. For two weeks warning tickets will be issued to drivers violating the restraint laws. Following this education period, violators will receive citations.