From the believe-it-or-not file . . .

"Beauty and the Beast," canceled last January by CBS, is still stirring up controversy.The romantic fantasy about a Catherine, a beautiful New York socialite/lawyer and the lionish Vincent, who dwells in tunnels beneath the city, has since moved over to the Family Channel with reruns. And that's where the problem begins.

As all you Beasties no doubt recall, as the show's final season began Catherine and Vincent consumated their relationship and Catherine later gave birth. Well, Pat Robertson and the folks at Family (which used to be known as the Christian Broadcasting Network) are concerned about the fact that Vincent and Catherine were never married.

However, they don't seem concerned about the fact that this was a mixed marriage - one human and one Beast.

Anyway, Family is thinking about editing the episode in question to show a wedding or at least leave viewers with the impression that a wedding took place.

Now, I'm all in favor of love and marriage and then child bearing. But surely the Family Channel knew what it was paying for when it bought exclusive rights to "Beauty and the Beast" reruns.

And doesn't this seem just a little bit silly? This isn't exactly the world's most realistic television show to begin with.

And you thought this sort of thing only happened in Utah


DOMINO EFFECT: Randall Pinkston, a correspondent for station WCBS in New York for the past 10 years, has joined CBS as a White House correspondent.

So what, you ask?

Pinkston replaces Norman Robinson, who spent just a few months on the beat before returning to New Orleans as an anchor for station WDSU this past spring.

What difference does this make here in Utah, you're wondering?

Well, WDSU hired Robinons to replace then-anchor Terry Wood - despite the fact that Wood's contract had not yet expired. Wood, quite naturally, started looking for a job and ended up back at our own KUTV.

Just thought you might like to know the next time you see a Ch. 2 promo with Wood talking about the reasons for his return to Utah


FLUEGEL QUITS: Darlanne Fluegel, the actress hired to replace Stepfanie Kramer on NBC's "Hunter," has announced that she's leaving the series after just half a season.

Fluegel cited "creative differences" with "Hunter" star and executive producer Fred Dryer.

You might recall that Kramer complained for years that Dryer was difficult to work with. Her complaints gain added weight because her replacement couldn't stand the guy for more than 13 weeks.


BARR NONE: ABC, in a desperate and misguided attempt to keep Roseanne Barr happy, has signed the rotund star and her talentless husband, Tom Arnold, to a long-term production agreement.

The overexposed duo will produce a new sitcom for next season (Barr will not star in it) as well as a Barr-starring special and a TV movie.

This would be fine, if either of these people had shown any ability to produce a show. Barr apparently is incapable of working with anyone, and her new hubby is only capable of riding her name to fame

And while Mr. Spud is complaining about Utah's least-favorite daughter, did you happen to catch Mr. and Mrs. Arnold's appearance on "Arsenio" last week? If so, were you able to avoid throwing up?

Even the ever-fawning Hall outdid himself, and Barr and Arnold fawned right back.

The only good thing to come out of this was Arnold's standup bit - it proved he's as talentless as we suspected.