It was no surprise to hear Democrat Karen Shepherd scream with joy as the results of her anticipated win for a state Senate seat came over the television.

But her cheers became even more intense as surprising results of other Senate races appeared on the screen."With 10 Democrats we might be able to get something done," she shouted to a hotel room of supporters.

The Democratic Party picked up three additional seats in the Republican-controlled Senate Tuesday, upsetting incumbents in three districts formerly represented by the GOP. Republicans held onto eight of the 15 seats up for election, and the Democrats retained four.

But the slight shift in the Senate's makeup won't make a tremendous change in how the 29-member body will vote in upcoming sessions because Republicans still hold the majority, 19-10.

"When it comes down to it, we still have the numbers to do what we have to do. It has done away with our veto proof, but there is no worry about that with a Republican governor," said Senate President Arnold Christensen, R-Sandy, who will return for a fourth term as senator for District 10.

The major state Senate upset of the night occurred when Sen. Richard J. Carling, R-Salt Lake, narrowly lost his bid for a fifth term to Democratic challenger Bob Steiner by 461 votes.

Steiner, an attorney and businessman, conducted an ambitious and expensive campaign for his first elected post. "I had never done this before and I was told I would have to spend a lot of money to defeat Carling," he said, estimating his expenses at $15,000.

"But it wasn't the money. It was the change in the district. A lot of new people had moved in who didn't have ties to Carling and were open to change," a visibly tired but relieved Steiner said.

In another upset for Democrats, challenger Scott Newell Howell defeated incumbent Sen. Richard B. Tempest, R-Murray, for the District 4 seat.

Even if Shepherd's prediction of Democrats accomplishing something in a Republican-controlled Senate doesn't come to pass, she can take pride in being part of another growing minority: women. Come January, for the first time, three women will sit on the state Senate.

In a close race for District 9, Republican Delpha A. Baird defeated Democrat John Dwan, 51-49 percent. And in West Valley-Magna, Democratic challenger Millie Peterson upset conservative Republican incumbent Sen. Bill Barton by six percentage points.

In other Senate races in Salt Lake County, Rep. Ronald J. Ockey, R-Salt Lake, kept District 7 in Republican hands, defeating Democrat G. Gail Weggeland. And incumbent Sen. Paul T. Fordham, D-Salt Lake, won easily over Republican challenger Joseph Stumph.

Only two state Senate races were on the 1990 ballot in parts of Utah County. GOP incumbent LeRay L. McAllister, R-Orem, soundly defeated challengers Will Christensen of the American Party and Independent Party candidate Ronald Hathcock.



State Senate will include 7 new faces

- Democrat KAREN SHEPHERD, former publisher and editor of the women's issues magazine Network, easily defeated Republican David Fiske and three other candidates in District 1. The lower Avenues and Central City district has been represented by Sen. Frances Farley, D-Salt Lake, who will retire at the end of the year.

- BOB STEINER, an attorney and businessman, provided the Democrats with their biggest Senate upset by defeating Republican incumbent Richard J. Carling for the District 3 seat. The GOP expected a close race but assumed its well-known, four-term incumbent would be safe.

- SCOTT NEWELL HOWELL, a 37-year-old marketing manager for IBM, unseated Republican incumbent Richard B. Tempest in District 4 in another upset for the Democrats.

- MILLIE PETERSON, director of admissions at the U. Medical School, dealt the GOP its third surprise blow by defeating longtime incumbent Bill Barton for District 12, taking in West Valley City and a section of Magna.

- RONALD J. OCKEY won't be new to the Legislature as he moves from the House to the Senate in east-side District 7. Ockey assumes the seat held by Republican Sen. Kay Cornaby who steps down at the end of the year.

- DELPHA BAIRD kept another east-side district in Republican hands by narrowly defeating Democrat John Dwan. To become one of three women elected to the Senate this year, Baird had to defeat longtime District 9 Sen. Lorin Pace in the primary.

- GEORGE MANTES, a former Tooele City councilman, won the District 13 Senate seat again for the Democrats. Mantes will take over the seat held by Democrat Sen. Karl Swan, who left the Legislature to run for Tooele County commissioner.





1984 23 6 61 14

1986 21 8 48 27

1988 22 7 48 27

1990 19 10 44 31



State Senate

District 1

Salt Lake County

62 of 62 voting districts

Karen Shepherd (D) 7,823 61%

David Fiske (R) 3,485 27%

Bob Waldrop (L) 833 7%

Ryan Randolph (I) 457 4%

Lawrence R. Kauffman (A) 156 1%

District 3

Salt Lake County

75 of 75 voting districts

Bob Steiner (D) 9,416 49%

Richard J. Carling (R-inc.) 8,955 47%

Charles G. Pearce (L) 697 4%

District 4

Salt Lake County

65 of 65 voting districts

Scott Newell Howell (D) 9,664 56%

Richard B. Tempest (R-inc.) 7,593 44%

District 7

Salt Lake County

69 of 69 voting districts

Ronald J. Ockey (R) 10,240 56%

G. Gail Weggeland (D) 7,959 44%

District 9

Salt Lake County

62 of 62 voting districts

Delpha A. Baird (R) 8,356 51%

John Dwan (D) 7,937 49%

District 10

Salt Lake County

50 of 50 voting districts

Arnold Christensen (R-inc.) 8,008 56%

Dale W. Mitchell (D) 5,592 39%

Hugh A. Butler (L) 815 6%

District 11

Salt Lake County

47 of 47 voting districts

Paul T. Fordham (D-inc.) 7,778 63%

Joseph (Joe) Stumph (R) 4,505 37%

District 12

Salt Lake County

47 of 47 voting districts

Millie M. Peterson (D) 6,055 53%

Bill Barton (R-inc.) 5,342 47%

District 13

Salt Lake Utah and Tooele counties

61 of 61 voting districts

George Mantes (D) 7,355 54%

Tracy R. Wilson (R) 5,579 41%

William C. Swank (I) 493 4%

Jerry H. Stocks ((L) 203 1%

District 15

Utah County

35 of 35 voting districts

LeRay L. McAllister (R-inc.) 8,547 74%

Will Christensen (A) 1,848 16%

Ronald Hathcock (I) 1,138 10%

District 18

Weber and Morgan counties

58 of 58 voting districts

Winn L. Richards (D-inc.) 9,484 63%

Lewis L. Thorpe (R) 5,564 37%

District 21

Davis County

48 of 48 voting districts

David H. Steele (R-inc.) 6,338 100%


District 22

Davis County

58 of 58 voting districts

Haven J. Barlow (R-inc.) 12,364 72%

Glen W. Hunt (L) 4,873 28%

District 24

Box Elder and Cache counties

51 of 51 voting districts

John P. Holmgren (R-inc.) 10,629 100%


District 26

Summit Wasatch Duchesne Uintah, Daggett and Carbon counties

63 of 63 voting districts

Alarik Myrin (R-inc.) 9,480 100%