The four winners on the Salt Lake Board of Education - all women - chalked up easy victories Tuesday, scoring commanding vote totals in complete but unofficial results.

The only incumbent in the race, homemaker and school volunteer Ila Rose Fife, 842 W. 900 South, easily brushed off attempts by challenger Drew Chamberlain, 1980 Richards, a field engineer for an office products company, to unseat her in Precinct 3.Fife was appointed in March 1989 to fill the unexpired term of a board member who moved from the district.

She was grateful for the vote of confidence from her constituency and vowed to make an even greater effort to "keep in touch . . . Now we'll just dig in, get busy and get going."

Three long-time board members did not run for re-election. Ronald Walker, who has served eight years, will retire from Precinct 2. Other retiring board members are Lorna Matheson, Precinct 6; and Susan Keene, Precinct 4.

All were members of the board that closed South High and redrew the high school boundaries in a controversial decision. Their retirement leaves two members of that high school boundary board - attorney Stephen Boyden and architect F. Keith Stepan. They were re-elected in the 1988 general election.

In Precinct 2, Ann C. Clawson, a former teacher who is active in West High activities, defeated electrical engineer Larry W. Holmstrom.

Thanking hundreds of friends and community members who supported her in a well-fought race, Clawson said her prime objective will be to bring the district together in positive ways.

In Precinct 4, Mary Jo Rasmussen, program coordinator for the Utah Law-Related Education and Citizenship Project, outdistanced educational consultant and publisher J. Terry Summerhays.

Rasmussen said she was impressed at the number of phone calls she received from precinct residents asking about her position on various issues. "It was wonderful how many of them were interested," she said. Callers had questions on such topics as the fate of East High School, sex education and school prayers.

In Precinct 6, Diane C. Barlow, a commercial property manager and well-known school volunteer, ran past University of Utah physician Kenneth N. Buchi.

"I'm so excited," said Barlow when vote returns confirmed her lead. Her involvement in school events helped her in the election, she said.