Chad Ellis is hoping his new business will ring a harmonious tone with musicians in Utah County.

Major Cord, 78 N. University Ave., fills the empty space left by Wakefields, the family music store familiar to local residents for more than 30 years.The new store offers a wide variety of sheet music, instruments and accessories. Ellis also plans to offer music lessons and will cater to Brigham Young University students and music teachers throughout the county. Both will receive a 10 percent discount.

"I hope to organize a music school to teach guitar, piano and keyboard for youth and adults," he added.

Ellis isn't new to the music business. In fact, the store in Provo is his second Major Cord in Utah. Ellis owns a sister store in Layton. He acknowledges that the music business is a difficult one to make money in, but says it's his first love.

"It's hard to make money on printed music," he said. "I'm not in the music business to make a quick buck. I plan on being here a good long time."

Ellis does feel that the Utah County market is in need of a good all-around music supply store and that money can be made in the area.

"If the market does what my suppliers say it will, I'll make the Provo store my number one store," he said.

The store's strongest point is in its special orders department. "With computerized tracking, we can have almost anything in the store within one week."

Ellis orders most of his supply out of the Chessborough clearing house in Idaho Falls.

"My main intent is to become a fully supplied music and service store with both sales and rental options," he said. That would make it the first full music store in Utah County."

This area has a very strong music market, and that market is very competitive according to Ellis. The industry is changing all the time, and it is important of dealers to keep on top of modern equipment being produced.

Major Cord is a family-oriented store. Ellis hopes that families will feel free to come in at take a look what he has to offer.