Don Eyre Jr., Juab County attorney, will retain his title and his office in spite of a last-ditch attempt to discredit him.

Eyre won 1,331 yes votes and 65.37 percent of the vote in Tuesday's non-partisan election to retain his seat.On Saturday, a letter sent by the Bi-Partisan Committee for an Informed Public, chaired by Gerri Garbett, Eureka, was mailed on a postal permit bought and paid for, according to the Postal Service, by Lael Jordan, Nephi.

At the top of the letter voters were told to "vote no to reject Don Eyre as county attorney." At the bottom of the letter it was suggested: "It should now be our obligation to help him (Eyre) on his way to greener pastures by voting `no' to retain him as our county attorney."

The letter informed the public that "small counties with three or less resident attorneys may vote against an incumbent attorney and with a majority `no' vote, they are free to select an attorney of choice."

The letter charged Eyre with conflicts of interest, refusal to pursue charges of residents in outlying areas, and attempting to control votes of the County Commission by making comments on issues.

It stated the Utah State Bar Association had written complaints on Eyre and brought up the Rhead Richards report once again.

Richards, a son-in-law of Lael Jordan - supporter of Commissioner Richard Brough, was selected by the commission to prepare a report on allegations that Deputy Glen Wilde, based in Eureka, was guilty of wrongdoing. The report was presented to the commission in a closed session and has remained closed to the public. At the time, Richards refused comment for the press and made no public recommendations.

The letter said Richards had said "it (his report) should be released with no fear of liability to the county."

Brough has repeatedly called for the release of the report. Currently being sued by Wilde for defamation of character, Brough has stated he thinks the report might become public knowledge during the process of the suit.

The letter also said Eyre receives $33,348 per year, an expense account, fringe benefits and a county-paid secretary for personal as well as county business.

Eyre said his secretary is paid by the county for business she does for the county, not for business she does for Eyre.

Eyre had poor support in Eureka District 1, where he received 31 yes votes and 39 no votes; in Eureka District 2 he received 22 yes and 48 no votes; in Eureka District 3 he received 34 yes votes and 60 no votes. In Mammoth he received 7 yes votes and 10 no votes.

In Callao, Levan, Nephi and Mona however, Eyre received a strong majority vote.