State licensing authorities have suspended the license of a clinical social worker who admitted to having sex with a patient, an order said.

In its order discipling Susan P. Grant's social work license, the State Board of Social Work Examiners said Grant's conduct "reflects a serious lack of good judgment and proper ethics . . . and cannot be condoned."Grant was a social worker at LDS Hospital when she kissed a female patient identified in the order as S.W. The order noted that Grant was having marital problems when she first became involved with S.W.

The two women regularly had sex with each other at their homes and in Grant's office, the order said, and from July 1987 to November 1989 they lived together. But in February 1987 Grant ceased counseling S.W. and sought counseling for herself, the order said.

Grant resigned from her position at the hospital last June after her supervisor became aware of her relationship with her former patient.

The order said Grant tried but failed to refer S.W. to another therapist in December 1986, when she realized S.W. could have multiple personalities.

"Grant's personal relationship with the patient hindered her ability to ensure that S.W. was referred to another professional in order to receive appropriate counseling," the board said.

In the order adopted by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Grant's license will be suspended for two years.