For seven Republican candidates, the counting of the ballots Tuesday night was an anticlimax. They were unchallenged in the general election, either through convention or primary wins or because no one filed against them.

Of the seven, incumbent County Assessor Willard Gardner tallied the most votes, picking up 35,843. No opponent from either party filed against Gardner.Incumbent recorder Carol Dean Page, who knocked a GOP challenger out in the party's spring convention, tallied the second highest vote total, at 35,571. She was followed closely by Margene Isom, the incumbent clerk, running for the newly combined office of clerk/auditor, with 35,559 votes.

Isom had opposition from incumbent auditor Ruth Kennington in the convention and a GOP challenger in the primary and defeated both of them.

Glenn Clary, the Riverdale police chief and Layton resident who defeated incumbent Sheriff Harry Jones in a close primary race, tallied 35,516 votes.

Surveyor Max Elliott didn't have opposition in the convention, primary or general election.

Incumbent County Attorney Mel Wilson cruised through the election with no opposition at any level.



Davis County

164 of 164 voting districts

County Commission

Seat A

J. Dell Holbrook (D) 23,073 52%

Ed Snow (R) 21,547 48%

Seat B

Gerald A. Purdy (R) 28,603 75%

Laren C. Livingston (L) 9,648 25%


Willard Gardner (R-inc.) 35,843 100%



Melvin C. Wilson (R-inc.) 35,344 100%



Margene Isom (R-inc.) 35,559 100%



Carol Dean H. Page (R-inc.)35,571 Unopposed


Glenn Clary (R) 35,516 100%



Max B. Elliott (R-inc.) 35,400 100%



Michael D. Porter (R) 35,392 100%


Davis School Board

Precinct 4

31 of 31 voting districts

Louenda Downs (inc.) 3,934 52%

Jan Moore 3,560 48%

Precinct 5

32 of 32 voting districts

Bob Thurgood (inc.) 5,541 100%