Voters approved two amendments to the state Constitution Tuesday that appeared on the ballot as Proposition 1 and Proposition 2 but attracted little interest.

Proposition 1, the special-districts amendment, deletes the word "hospital" from the list of services that a special district can be created for and substitutes "health care."Supporters of Proposition 1, which won with 72 percent of the vote, said the amendment would give rural governments more flexibility to meet health-care needs.

Proposition 2, the emergency-powers amendment, allows the Legislature to exercise emergency powers when government operations "are seriously disrupted as a result of natural or man-made disaster."

Seventy-seven percent of Utah voters voted for Proposition 2.



Constitutional Amendments

Proposition 1

Allows special service districts to provide health-care services

1,629 of 1,629 voting districts

For 298,771 72%

Against 118,728 28%

Proposition 2

Emergency powers during natural or man-made disasters

1,629 of 1,629 voting districts

For 322,837 77%

Against 94,104 23%