The season is young but the losing streaks of the Orlando Magic and New Jersey Nets are old.

The 2-year-old Magic suffered an NBA-record 16th consecutive home setback Tuesday night, losing to Cleveland 102-95 as Larry Nance led the Cavaliers with 23 points and 12 rebounds."Nothing comes easy," said Nick Anderson, who scored 20 for Orlando. "The losing streak is for (the media). We don't pay attention to it. We just have to go out and try and get a win."

The Nets have been trying for a win on the road since Dec. 17 in Miami. Their latest setback - their 31st straight on the road, one shy of the record - was a 113-105 loss in Charlotte as Muggsy Bogues paced a 12-4 fourth-quarter surge with eight of his 11 points.

Coach Bill Fitch said the Nets "were thinking about winning," but Bogues was the difference.

"He's very good at what he does," Fitch said. "He may be the smallest player in the league (5-toot-3), but he may have the biggest heart. That's where he makes it up. He's a `get in your hair'-type player."

Orlando erased the home-court futility mark of 15 straight losses set by the Cavaliers, who dropped their last nine in 1981-82 and the first six in 1982-83.

The Cavs also got 17 points and 13 assists from Mark Price.