The cases of the maligned local quarterbacks, continued:

- BYU's Marc Wilson, who recently dropped on the Patriots' depth chart from backup to Steve Grogan to No. 3 behind rookie Tom Hodson, came into Sunday's New England game against Philadelphia and acquitted himself well, even if the Eagles did get their act together for 514 yards of total offense and a 48-20 win.Wilson replaced Grogan in the second quarter when Grogan had the wind knocked out of him and tossed a 36-yard touchdown pass to Irving Fryar two series later. (After the score, Fryar ran into the stands and handed the touchdown ball to his cousin, Arnold Oakman, who was hit by a car two years ago and was in a coma for months but has since recovered.)

Wilson threw for 233 yards and two touchdowns. The total was eighth-highest for the day in the NFL, and the 36-yard TD strike was the day's seventh-longest in the NFL. Wilson was 12-for-25 throwing with one interception. His second TD pass was a 14-yarder to tight end Marv Cook in the fourth quarter.

- Utah State's Bob Gagliano wasn't so fortunate.

He replaced an injured Rodney Peete in the third quarter with Detroit already having 35 points and was able to get but one first down the rest of the game as the Washington Redskins came back for a 41-38 win in overtime. "I don't think it was the transition we made at quarterback," said Lions' running back Barry Sanders. "It was the transition the Redskins made."

Detroit columnist Mitch Albom of Knight-Ridder Newspapers wasn't so kind to Gagliano, who was kicking himself for a pass thrown too high and behind the receiver on third down in the overtime. "I'm going to have nightmares about that one for a while," Gagliano said.

Albom's opinion of Gagliano's day was, "There are bad days. There are disasters. Bob was having a disaster. He . . . took an offense that had scored 35 points and slowly ground it to a halt. Nine incompletions. Scrambling for his life. He could have saved the day, in overtime . . . He threw too high."

Gagliano finished 5-for-11 for 68 yards with no TDs and no interceptions, and he rushed four times for 13 yards.

In the Philadelphia-New England game, Roger Ruzek, formerly of Weber State, helped the Eagles to their highest point total since 1981 with 12 points - 2-for-2 on field goals and 6-for-6 on extra-point kicks.

New York Jets' offensive guard/tackle/long snapper Trevor Matich, out of BYU, was credited with an unassisted tackle Sunday in the 24-9 win over Dallas.

Tight end Andy Parker of Utah is eligible to return from the Los Angeles Raiders' injured reserve list Nov. 25. He has a pulled hamstring.