Greg Compton didn't expect to be named Utah Foreign Language Teacher of the Year for 1989-90 because he won the same award back in 1977.

But last week at the Utah Education Association Convention, Compton was honored for his work in teaching Spanish to students at Roy High School."I didn't expect it because I have a long way to go to become the teacher I want to be," said Compton on Tuesday. "It was quite an unexpected honor."

The 43-year-old Riverdale man graduated from Weber State College in 1975, with a degree in Spanish. He's been teaching ever since.

He's been at Roy High for three years and also has taught Spanish at Ogden High, Mount Ogden Middle School and Sand Ridge Junior High School. He also teaches Spanish at night to WSC students.

The Utah native attributes his success at teaching to the influence he received from one of his former WSC Spanish professors, Oren Moffett, now retired.

"I found that his way of teaching was very progressive," said Compton, who referred to his own style of teaching as "the Moffett methodology."

When students walk into Compton's classroom, they are no longer in Roy. There are no desks, only chairs, and his classroom is filled with sculptures and accented with Mexican tiles.

He also has set up a satellite dish so Spanish-speaking television programming can be brought in from Mexico, Los Angeles and Miami.

Compton said he feels he has become a successful teacher because he takes his students out of Roy and puts them into another country.