Champion Garry Kas-parov established a completely new move in an attack with black Monday night that led a quick-paced Game 11 in the World Chess Championship to a perpetual check.

Kasparov started out with an aggressive attack and, in an attempt to change the strategy of his play with black, moved Rxe3 at move 13, said Adam Black, a spokesman for the championship games.Most chess masters try to win only when playing with white and aim at gaining a draw when given black pieces.

Kasparov and challenger Anatoly Karpov have each won one game and nine have ended in draws. The championship is tied at 5 1/2-5 1/2.

"Black attacked from the word go. It was a change from the previous game when he played black. . . . Tonight, Kasparov played a lot more aggressively and culminated (his attack) in a new move on move 13 - a completely different move, which sacrificed a rook for a bishop," Black said.

"From move 13, black completely controlled the game," he said.

"The attack, which grew out of this move, wasn't strong enough in the end to give him a win, but the best Karpov could get out of this was to allow an attack where check was given perpetually," Black said. "Kasparov was never in danger of losing."

With Monday night's move, Kasparov succeeded "in avoiding the same sort of passive game" he played in Game 9 when he last had black pieces, Black said.

"He has reverted to a more aggressive defense. Kasparov played as though he had white. He took the initiative," Black said.

Like Game 10, play finished with a relatively few moves. Game 11 ended after 24 moves, and Game 10 was drawn after move 18.

After Game 12, the championship moves to Lyon, France, for the second half of the competition.