Margo Bond, head custodian at Kennedy Junior High School, is only 5 feet 2 1/2 inches tall and only weighs 108 pounds. But when she talks, students listen.

The petite blonde can bench press 120 pounds or more, leg press 245 pounds and could probably pick up most of the students and give them a good toss.The West Valley City resident is known for her friendly attitude, cheerful disposition and the pride she takes in her work.

Yet when work is done, Bond heads for a local fitness center where she spends two to three hours six days a week working with body-building weights and equipment.

With her diminutive size and youthful looks, Bond could be mistaken for one of the students at Kennedy Junior High. But she is 40 years old. "I love working out. It keeps me fit and feeling great," she says.

Bond graduated from Hillcrest High School in 1968 and had several jobs, including being a secretary and a waitress, before joining Granite School District's school custodian force eight years ago.

She started out as an assistant custodian at Skyline High School, was promoted to head custodian a year later at Hillside Elementary and a year later, in 1984, moved to Kennedy Junior High as head custodian.

Bond directs the work of five full-time and three part-time employees at Kennedy, which has about 1,650 students in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades.

She became interested in bodybuilding four years ago. "I was taking aerobic classes at a spa and saw women doing weight training and it looked like fun, so I started doing it and I loved it."

The mother of two young men, 19 and 21, Bond gave up most of her hobbies, including skiing, golf and dancing, to devote herself to bodybuilding. Her husband, Warren, encouraged her.

Last year, Bond felt she had accomplished enough with her weight training to enter bodybuilding contests and soon began earning trophies in local competitions.

She won the light-weight division title in the Mr. and Ms. Utah contest last year, then won first place in the 1989 Natural Wasatch Front bodybuilding contest. Her biggest win came at the end of September this year when she won the overall female championship trophy in the 1990 Intermountain Bodybuilding Championship. Bond is now eligible to compete in regional and national competition.

During a contest, she wears a bikini and presents a 60- to 90-second program of choreographed movements, done to music, that show off the various muscle groups of her body, from top to toe.

Exercising has reduced her body fat to about zero and has given her muscles that most anyone would be proud of.

Bond said she watches what she eats carefully and maintains a low-fat diet that includes lots of vegetables, lean meat, oatmeal and egg whites.

"I feel good, sleep good and I like the way I look," she said. "I want to continue exercising all my life. I want to be healthy, lean and active when I'm 80 or 90," she said, smiling.