A new volunteer group, composed entirely of veteran paratroopers, has launched a drive to collect goods for America's airborne soldiers in the Middle East.

The single criterion for joining the All-Airborne Association of Utah is that the member must have served as a paratrooper. Members so far include men who parachuted into France on D-Day in 1944 and Vietnam veterans.The association has launched a drive to collect disposable razors, hard candy, playing cards and other items to be sent to a company of the 101st Airborne Division in the Middle East.

Other things that the troops want are paperback books, magazines, tobacco products and donations.

"Our goal is to collect as many of these items as we can as soon as possible and ship in time for Thanksgiving," said David Kranig, spokesman.

National Credit Data, based at 1245 E. Brickyard Road, Suite 660, Salt Lake City UT 84106, has volunteered to receive the goods. Kranig can be reached at 487-9779.