Runner Butch Reynolds and shot putter Randy Barnes both face two-year suspensions after testing positive for anabolic steroids, a published report said Tuesday.

Reynolds and Barnes, both silver medalists in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, would be ineligible for the the World Track and Field Championships next summer and the 1992 Barcelona Olympics if they are suspended.The International Amateur Athletic Federation said that Reynolds and Barnes failed drug tests administered after meets in Europe last summer, The New York Times said in its Tuesday editions.

The IAAF notified The Athletic Congress, which governs track and field in the United States, of the findings. TAC is responsible for suspending the athletes.

Barnes set a world record with a toss of 75-feet, 10 1-2 inches at a meet in Los Angeles on May 20, and won a silver medal in Seoul in 1988. Reynolds' 43.29 seconds in the 400 meters at Zurich on Aug. 17, 1988 broke a 20-year old record. Both athletes were found to be clean in tests after they set their records.

Reynolds said the test was flawed, and reiterated his opposition to drug use, the Times said. The 26-year-old runner from Columbus, Ohio, tested positive after a meet in Monte Carlo on Aug. 12 and was present at a lab in Paris on Oct. 13, when the test was repeated, according to the newspaper.

Barnes, 24, from Charlestown, W. Va., tested positive after a meet Aug. 7 in Malmo, Sweden. A test on a second sample from the same meet was done later in the summer with Barnes present at a lab in Sweden, the Times said.

Both Reynolds, who tested positive for the steroid nandralone, and Barnes, who was found to have methyltestosterone in his urine, are appealing the finding.

Because of the appeals, a TAC spokesman refused to discuss either case.

Dr. Arne Ljungqvist, an IAAF vice president and member of the medical committee, told the Times the appeal process could not alter the fact that the two athletes tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

"Doping infractions occurred; there is no doubt, none at all," Ljungqvist said.