It's a peanut butter Snickers! This new Mars candy bar can be purchased on special at Smith's, two for 79 cents.

Kay Hadley: "What could ever equal a Snickers? A peanut butter Snickers!Peanut butter candy bars seem to be on the rise and we'll definitely go for peanut butter Snickers again."

Don Russell: "This new candy bar was a mild disappointment. I like Snickers, peanut butter and just about all candy bars, but the people at m&m/Mars are just a little off dead center with this candy bar. There just isn't a strong peanut butter taste, and the lightly whipped texture isn't reminiscent of the Snickers most of us like."

Doris Wilding: "There's only one thing better than chocolate and it's peanut butter. And the only way to make peanut butter better is to put chocolate around it. A Snickers bar is wonderful, but this is even better!"

Judy Slack: "This peanut butter Snickers bar is the best of all worlds! We have our chocolate and we have our peanut butter! I loved it."

Edyth Jensen: "If you like peanut butter you will probably like this version of the Snickers bar. It is good, but I think I will stick to the original flavor."

Linda C. Tingey: "It was a lot richer than the regular Snickers bar, but I will buy it again. We're peanut butter anything lovers."

Conclusion: Sometimes you'll feel like a nut, sometimes you won't. The Snickers purists were none too pleased with this new flavor, but peanut butter lovers were in ecstasy!

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