Virginia's 9th-ranked Cavaliers will play in a New Year's Day bowl despite their 41-38 Atlantic Coast Conference loss to No. 7 Georgia Tech, U.Va. Athletic Director Jim Copeland predicts.

"I think we have a real good chance of going to a New Year's Day bowl," Copeland said Monday. "So much is up in the air right now. It's been a screwy year."Saturday was particularly screwy: Four of the top five teams in the country lost.

To get to a New Year's Day bowl, however, the Cavaliers, 7-1 overall and 4-1 in the ACC, will have to shut Saturday's defeat out of their minds.

Reporters did not ask U.Va. Coach George Welsh one question about the Tar Heels, 5-3-1 overall and 2-2-1, at his weekly news conference here Monday. The news media focused on the Georgia Tech game.

To get the Cavs thinking more about North Carolina and less about Georgia Tech, Welsh asked reporters to conduct all their player interviews Monday. Normally, he allows player interviews until Wednesday.

"I'm concerned that they'll be talking about this game through Wednesday," Welsh said. "That's not good."