NASA MANAGERS are considering the possibility of launching the shuttle Columbia at the end of the month, just two weeks or so after Atlantis' planned launch around Nov. 16 on a secret military mission . . . BLACK FAMILIES fled their homes in the South African township of Bekkersdal Tuesday after four more people were killed there in fighting between rival black factions. Police said three men were killed in fighting between rival groups and one man was shot dead by soldiers while resisting arrest. The death toll after six days of political violence in the township was 23 . . . A WOMAN who said she repressed for 20 years the rape and murder of a childhood playmate pointed the finger at her father Monday, telling a jury in Redwood City, Calif., how he smashed the 8-year-old's skull with a rock. Eileen Franklin-Lipsker said she watched as her father, George Franklin, now 51, raped the girl in the back of his van, then killed her.