Alta View Hospital-

BRADSHAW, Michael and Sharlan, Midvale, boy.

CARTWRIGHT, Aaron and Lynette, Sandy, girl.

KELAIDIS, Mark and Dixie, Sandy, boy.

PARK, Lance and Cindy, Logan, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ANGAM, J. Nelson and Becky, Salt Lake City, boy.

BOLTZ, Patrick and Kathy, Tooele, girl.

CLAUSER, Melanie, West Jordan, boy.

DeYOUNG, John and Denise, Magna, girl.

MEDEIROS, Richard and Janae, Salt Lake City, boy.

SHARP, Wayne and Treena, Midvale, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

GARRICK, Adam and Rochelle, boy.

KOFOID, Eric and Stephanie, boy.

LDS Hospital-

ALLEY, Lynn and Heidi, boy.

ALVAREZ, Rufugio and Becky, girl.

ANDERSON, Greg and Carol, boy.

ANDERSON, Mark and Rebecca, boy.

BOARDMAN, Robert and Jan, girl.

CASTLE, Cy H. and Leslie, girl.

DAVIS, Kent W. and Sonja, boy.

FLOWERS, Keith and Ginger, girl.

HEUGLY, Todd and Bridgitte, boy.

HILL, Lance and Ruth, boy.

JONES, Spencer and Tyra, girl.

LEARY, John and Kori, boy.

VAIL, Michael and Connie, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BEEBE, Ronald and Lynnae, Salt Lake City, girl.

BRAZELL, Jeffrey and Marianne, Sandy, boy.

CHEVRIER, Serge and Diane, Salt Lake City, boy.

EDGINTON, Howard and Joan, Taylorsville, boy.

GARIBY, Carlos and Sylvia, Salt Lake City, boy.

HOWZE, George and Katharine, Salt Lake City, boy.

HUFFMEYER, David and Susan, Park City, girl.

JAKE, Everett and Brenda, Sandy, girl.

University Hospital-

FULLER, Keith and Rachel, boy.

HALL, Darin and Kellee, girl.

JEFFRIES, Mike and Lynda, girl.

McFARLANE, Kim and Cindy, girl.

RICHINS, Paul and Jill, boy.