Age:Reid: 48.

Logan: 39.

Where born:

Reid: Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Logan: Burley, Idaho.


Reid: Married with six children.

Logan: Married with four children.

(Reid and Logan are brothers.)


Reid: Two years of college.

Logan: Attended Brigham Young University four years.

Primary products: Salads and submarine-type sandwiches.

Primary markets: 48 stores in Utah, parts of Nevada and Wyoming.

Number of employees: 15.


First "real" job:

Reid: Counter clerk for Bobo's Hamburgers in Hayward, Calif.

Logan: Pumping gas at American in Hayward, Calif.

Management style:

Reid: Laid back.

Logan: Delegation.

Strategy for success:

Reid: Positive attitude, forward movement and flexibility.

Logan: No risks, no gain.

A memorable failure:

Reid: Baked potatoe shop that didn't pan out.

Logan: Played professional football for Saskatchewan Rough Riders for three weeks.


Reid: Joseph in the Old Testament.

Logan: My father, Quentin Hunter.

Leisure time and hobbies:

Reid: Family and softball.

Logan: Athletics, golf, racquetball and team sports.

Favorite book and movie:

Reid: "Guns of Navarone."

Logan: "The Hunt of Red October."