The Weber County attorney's office is seeking dismissal of charges against a former Ogden man whom prosecutors had claimed was involved in a burglary that ended when a man was shot to death.

Brad Bromage, 37, was charged with aggravated burglary and attempted robbery in the April 15, 1984, burglary of Andrew J. Hansen's home in Ogden Canyon. Police believe the 22-year-old victim was shot to death while struggling with an armed man at the door.The state's motion to dismiss the charges against Bromage was listed on the criminal docket of 2nd District Judge Ronald O. Hyde for disposition on Wednesday afternoon.

However, Assistant Weber County Attorney Bill Daines said he may ask for a continuance because he is currently prosecuting a murder case. Daines also declined comment on why he was seeking a dismissal.

Weber County sheriff's deputies believe the motive for the burglary involved drugs because about 17 pounds of marijuana was found inside Hansen's home following the shooting.

Bromage was a star witness in a 1987 murder trial, where he was given immunity and he confessed under oath about his past involvement with drugs. Bromage testified that he was a marijuana dealer.