Twenty-nine blacks were fatally shot or stabbed, including several whose deaths may be linked to a feud between high school students in a township, police said Monday.

Another eight of the deaths were believed to be the result of clashes between rival taxi companies, police said. Those deaths occurred when men traveling in vans randomly stabbed and shot people Sunday in the Kutloanong township, 140 miles southwest of Johannesburg, police said.Also, the daily police unrest report said 19 people were killed in Bek-kersdal and one died in Alexandra. Both townships are outside Johannesburg. Also, a man was stabbed to death in Mganga Baboyi, a township in the eastern province of Natal, the unrest report added.

Police Capt. Eugene Opperman said most of the deaths in Bekkers-dal were the result of a feud between students who wanted to take final examinations and those demanding a boycott.