Age: 45

Born: Salt Lake City

Family: Wife, Joan; children, Paul, 17; Matt, 13; Denise, 9.

Education: BA in business from Southern Utah State College; some master's classes in communication, Brigham Young University.

Occupation: Marketing consultant


Size: 19.5 miles

Population: 74,000

Budget: General fund, $13.15 million. Total: $26.499 million.

Number of Employees: Approximately 300

Mayor's salary: $45,700


Politics: Republican

First "real" job: Planting seedlings in a nursery.

Management style: Decentralized. Putting the major amount of responsibility on the department heads - giving them the flexibility and availability to run their departments within general policy guidelines.

Why I like being mayor: Exciting, diversified, rewarding job. Watching boom of business activity. Dealing with nice, professional people. "I am rarely worked over the coals."

Why I hate being mayor: Long hours. City council meetings. "They keep us up until early morning hours Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. That can be the most draining and taxing of my whole responsibility." Tense, critical situations like traffic situations where people are killed.

Recipe for success: Hiring the right people to work for Sandy and giving them the flexibility to do what needs to be done. Also involving citizens in government. Sandy has citizen advisory groups.

A memorable failure: Defeat in 1985 after serving as Sandy mayor from 1982-86. "I was stunned twice that week - first when I saw those election returns coming in and seeing that we were coming up short in the primary election. And second when BYU, which had the winningest record in the country, was defeated by UTEP."

Heroes: President Bush - "I have gone from two years ago thinking like everybody else did that he was a wimp to being incredibly impressed with the way he is running this country." Teddy Roosevelt for his "very decisive, dominant style" of leadership.

Leisure: Racquetball three or four times a week with department heads; gardening on third-acre residential lot.

Favorite book: A series of Uncle Remus stories that he used to read to his children when they were young. Favorite movie: "Sound of Music."