A 25-year-old Ogden man who was the object of a search operation in Taylor Canyon east of Ogden has been found, the Weber County sheriff's office said.

Weber County Sheriff George Fisher said Rick Spencer, 25, 628-28th St., who was the object of an intensive search since early morning, walked back to the area and to a Weber County Jeep Patrol search bus about 10 a.m. The bus was parked near where searchers were looking for the man.Fisher said Spencer, who left home Oct. 26 after differences with his family and apparently spent one night in a tent in the canyon before going to Salt Lake City to stay in an apartment, walked back to the area to get his camping and other equipment.

The man has been safe all the time he was missing but didn't realize searchers were looking for him. He didn't call the sheriff's office, the sheriff said.

About 40 searchers began combing the canyon early Monday, but some efforts to search for him began during the weekend.

Earlier Monday, Capt. Wes Goldsberry of the Weber County sheriff's office said Spencer apparently left home Oct. 26, intending to live in the mountains.

He said Spencer took a backpack and other belongings with him.

The officer said other hikers came across a tent Saturday in the canyon, located in the mountains east of 27th Street. One of the same hikers returned to the tent Sunday, where he found Spencer's belongings and some phone numbers and alerted the man's family.

Sgt. Jack Miller of the sheriff's office inspected the tent Sunday where he found the man's boots, personal gear and a book on how to survive in the wilderness.

"From the appearance of the campsite (it appeared that) no one had been there for three or four days. There wasn't a whole lot of snow, but the Weather Service is forecasting 10 to 16 inches of snow in that area" within the next 24 hours, Goldsberry said.