I am turning to you with an unusual request. I'm wondering if you could help me locate a copy of the soundtrack for the movie "Silverado"? We were going to purchase this record when the show was first released, but we were both students and decided the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Last Christmas we tried to find a copy of the tape or CD and found it was no longer available. We hoped to wait until a "Silverado 2" was made, but it's been a while and I haven't heard that one is in the works.We checked numerous used record shops in town and out. We even checked the public library here, hoping it had a copy we could pirate. No luck.

I know there must be a copy somewhere. The music from this soundtrack is very beautiful and was used by KSL-TV for a few years in conjunction with the Days of '47 celebration.

Any suggestions? - B.J.C., Orem.

Two record aficionados we talked to said they could never find a soundtrack for "Silverado." And a soundtrack, as such, is not available at the present time, according the book that lists currently available recordings.

We would suggest a recording of Western movie theme songs available on CD or cassette called "Round-Up" by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops. It includes many well-known theme songs from great Western movies such as "Silverado," "High Noon," "The Big Country," "The Magnificent Seven" and "How the West Was Won." Several selections feature Frankie Laine vocals.

The cassette number is Telarc 30141. It sells for $9.99 at Musicland, the store at the ZCMI Mall where we did our research. The CD number is 80141. It sells for $16.99 at Musicland.

home energy checkup

The following tips on cutting down on the amount of energy your water heater uses come from CHANGING TIMES magazine.

- If your water heater is warm to the touch, add an insulation blanket. Also insulate hot-water pipes where they are accessible.

- Install aerators in faucets and flow restrictors in shower heads. This can cut hot water used for bathing by 50 percent.

- Unless your dishwasher needs a higher temperature setting, lower your water heater temperature from 140 degrees F. to 120 degrees F. You'll save about 18 percent in water-heating energy.

- When washing clothes, use the warm or cold wash cycle whenever possible. Set the rinse cycle for cold.

- Programmable water heater controls (they cost about $40) can cut costs by about 10 percent.