Two Utahns will appear on the national television program "Geraldo" on Tuesday, the second and third to get on the show in less than a week.

On Friday, Bill Cordray, a Salt Lake architect who was conceived in a sperm lab in 1944, went on the air to discuss his feelings of distress about artificial insemination. Cor-dray thinks the lie told to a child about his relationship to his "social father" can be disastrous.This week, Salt Lake lawyer Brian Barnard and a client of his, West Valley Police Officer Gary Oliver-son, will be on Geraldo Rivera's program, and the subject is sex laws.

Oliverson is the officer who was suspended for engaging in sexual acts with two women members of the West Valley Police Explorer Post 965. Acting on his behalf, Barnard has been trying to get certain state laws about sexual practices overturned.

In October, U.S. Magistrate Ronald N. Boyce upheld the law forbidding a married person from engaging in sodomy with an unmarried partner.

Barnard and Oliverson taped the program earlier, along with Denise Wells, the woman who was charged with using a men's room during a country-western concert in Houston. She contended the line at the women's room was too long and was found not guilty.

Also on the Geraldo show were two couples who are prosecuting their respective spouses for adultery in unconnected cases in Connecticut.

Rivera often groups several people together who have somewhat related situations. When Cordray was there, he appeared with a panel including a couple who alleged that while the woman was supposed to be inseminated with her husband's sperm (treated to improve the chances of conception), a blood test showed the resulting child wasn't his.

The latest Geraldo show connected with Utah airs on cable station WGN at 10 a.m. and on Ch. 4 at 3 p.m. Tuesday.