A year after its formation, an ad hoc committee appointed by the Cache County Council has recommended an education campaign to convince the public that water development should be a high public priority.

Dennis Funk, committee chairman and member of the council, said the committee had unanimously accepted the use of a slide presentation and information brochure to outline the need for water development."Our committee also voted to ask this council to support the concept of a water conservancy district to develop and allocate the waters of the Bear River," he said.

Funk said the committee has determined that Cache County make sure citizens have sufficiently high-quality water.

"Currently there is an estimated 350,000 acre feet of unclaimed water in the Bear River," he said.

The brochure explains how a conservancy district is formed and cites other development options, such as creation of an irrigation company.

Bruce Pendrey, president of Bridgerland Audubon Society and member of the committee, said he voted against recommending a conservancy district because projects by the district could endanger wildlife habitat.