The actor who played the youngest member of the spooky family portrayed on the 1960s television series "The Munsters" is out on bail after a dispute over a limousine driver's services.

Patrick Allan Lilley, known as Butch Patrick when he played Eddie Munster during 1964-66, was arrested last week on a charge of stealing $130 from the driver, police said.Police said Lilley, 37, of Austin, Texas, was a passenger with another man in the limousine.

"Lilley contends that the driver was less than cordial and he kept getting them lost," said Nicholas Kerkeles, who defended Lilley at his arraignment. "A fight began and Munster, er, Mr. Lilley, apparently took the wallet, claiming that the driver shouldn't have been paid in the first place."

Lilley was released on $1,000 bail. He told a judge he makes a living attending conventions and making personal appearances as his television character.