The campaign is over. For some candidates, it's a relief - with victory only hours away. For others, a heartbreak - what could they have done to make up an impossible deficit.

Today is Election Day, and the careers of hundreds of candidates hang in the balance. Will Rep. Wayne Owens be voted out of office? Will Utah elect its first congresswoman in 40 years? Will a Democrat win in the 3rd Congressional District?Republican and Democratic party workers spent Monday telephoning, urging the party faithful, or those identified as voting for their candidates, to turn out.

Deseret News/KSL-TV pollster Dan Jones says voter turnout could be the difference in several races, especially in Salt Lake County where GOP incumbent Commissioner Bart Barker is in a dead heat with Democratic challenger Jim Bradley.

"The weather could be the deciding factor in some legislative races," said state Democratic Party Chairman Peter Billings Jr. If it's cold and snowy, keeping less hearty voters away from the polls, close races could tip one way or the other.

The Election Day forecast calls for scattered snow showers during the morning, breezy north winds and high temperatures in the mid-40s along the Wasatch Front.

Jones predicts a voter turnout of between 51 percent and 55 percent. Not nearly the 75 percent voter turnout Utahns give in presidential election years but not as poor as the 15-20 percent that accompanies many off-year municipal races.